Who would of thought you could write a whole book about kissing? But there's a lot to know about this pleasurable interaction. Here are some interesting bits that will make you say "who knew?", and leave you looking like a scholar!

Did you know that the practice of a man kissing his wife at the end of the day started with the ancient Romans? Those gladiators wanted to taste their ladies lips to make sure they hadn’t been drinking that homemade wine all day!

Did you know we'll spend an average of two weeks kissing in our lifetimes? And that the average woman will kiss 79 guys before she's married? That's a whole lot of window shopping!

Did you know watching chick flicks boosts your hormones in a way that leaves you feeling frisky for some kissing? Next time your guy wants to see some action film, tell him he'll get some action if he sees a good date movie with you!

Did you know oysters, champagne and caviar are not the only aphrodisiacs? A bucket of buttered popcorn, black licorice, pumpkin pie, donuts and cheese pizza can get a guy's libido pumping. For girls, it's about banana nut bread and cucumbers. And get him to share that black licorice with you to get your smooch on!

Did you know a man who kisses his lady good-bye when he leaves for work every morning averages a higher income than a guy who doesn't? Ladies, kiss your men if you want them to drape you in diamonds and furs!