"KISSING gives a breezy, fun, informative and yes, very enthusiastic
look at puckering up..."
Chicago Tribune
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Who doesn't love a great kiss? Whether it's your very first smooch or your umpteenth, whether it's a quick peck or a long, lingering kiss you wish would never end, nothing beats a sensational smooch. And everyone has a favorite kissing story, a favorite movie kiss, a kiss they wish had never happened, and a kiss they long for so much they can almost taste it. In short, every kiss is cause for celebration.

For kissing aficionados looking for inspiration, Kissing is a delightful love letter to the magic of the kiss. Filled with romance, humor, fun suggestions, and joie de vivre, the book reveals sweet, sexy, and surprising details.

Lip-locked lovers everywhere, pucker up and read
Kissing – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures